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mykitcheniscold's Journal

Captain Obvious's Underpants
This Journal is Friends Only

Comment if you would like to be added.
But you must add me back.
If I don't add you then take me off. please.

Add Them:

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My name is Stephanie. I like photography, I have OCD, and depression, my journal is freinds only and well if you want to be added see above. Dont add me becuase you want more freinds but becuase you a.have some intrest that i have b.want to be my freind becuase we are freinds or we are freinds because we met on the street or at a concert. I love making new freinds.
40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, ?, adam green, alexander greenwald, anti-test and quizzes, apple computers, ben kweller, big city rock, books on tape, boom box bags, boys name _______________, bright eyes, cartoon band-aids, cat power, cd's, christmass lights, coffee shops, computer graphics, computers, cursive, d.i.y., david bowie, death cab for cutie, domokun, donnie darko, drum sticks, drummers, drums, free stuff, french kicks, friends, frogs, fruity smelling nail polish, funky belts, funny answering machine messages, girl boners, guitar, high fives, hot hot heat, ima robot, interpol, ipods, jackass, jason schwartzman, jeff buckley, johnny knoxville, lacross, love, magazines, magic wands, melee, mini coopers, mix tapes, momma mod, mommie, monkeys, moooonsters, music, nightmare before christmas, okgo, pez, phantom planet, photography, photos, pineapple cups, pj's, polaroid camaras, polaroid pictures, post cards, postal service, promoting bands, pulp, radiohead, ratatat, record players, rilo kiley, robots, rock, rolling stones (circa 1960s), rufus wainwright, rushmore, sam farrar, sand, saving fish, scarves, scrap books, scratch and sniff stickers, sewing machines, shoes, short italian, simon and garfunkel, sixteen candles, slackers, sleeping, snow, snowboarding, sondre lerche, soy hot coco, sponge bob, spun, stars, superdrag, swimming, telephones, the beatles, the fab four, the fictions, the hives, the libertines, the modern lovers, the moldy peaches, the pixies, the strokes, the thrills, the waking hours, the walkmen, the who, the zombies, third eye blind, thrift shopping, thumbs up, toe socks, turin breaks, vegan, water, water guns, websites